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Surrounded by the streets K. Donelaičio, Liepų, Trilapio ir S. Daukanto, Klaipėda
Tel.: (+370 46) 41 05 28 

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Always freely accessible

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II–IV: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
V: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Advance registration: tel. (+370 46) 41 05 28 

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More about Sculpture park and former city cemetery >>

About park

The Sculpture Park was created on the site of the old city’s cemetery during the Soviet period. Today the 10 hectare area is a true repository of history: an early 19th century field fortification, the City Cemetery (1820–1975), and the Sculpture Park started in 1977 which contains 116 granite late modernism sculptures carved by Lithuanian and foreign sculptors.

It is a miracle that the graves of the participants in the 1923 uprising escaped destruction during the Soviet period. After the restitution of independence several authentic tombstones were restored in the park: those of philanthropists Julius Ludwig Wiener (1795–1862), Hermann Gerlach (1846–1913) and his wife Marie Gerlach (1855–1937). Klaipėda Sculpture Park is an oasis of history, art and nature in the very centre of the city.

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